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Compressor Control Corporation

Compressor Control Corporation (CCC) 40 yılı askın süredir turbo makineler için kontrol çözümleri üzerine uzmanlaşmıştır. Petrol, gaz, kimya, petrokimya, rafineri, LNG, boru hatları, çelik fabrikaları, ilaç, makine imalatı, elektrik üretim tesisleri dahil olmak üzere geniş bir müşteri yelpazesine hizmet eden CCC, turbo makineler için makine markasından bağımsız olarak kontrol ve koruma çözümleri gerçekleştirmektedir.

CCC, bugüne kadar 500’ü buhar türbini olmak üzere yaklaşık 8000 proje üzerinde çalışarak binlerce karmaşık kontrol problemini çözüme kavuşturmuştur. 1500’ü aşkın gaz türbini üzerinde çalışarak dünyadaki en büyük gaz türbini kontrol sistemi tedarikçisi olmuştur.

Compressor Control firması yıllar boyunca yaptığı çalışmaların karşılığında müşterilerinin saygı ve sadakatini kazanarak dünya çapında müşteri memnuniyeti seviyesini %98’e taşımıştır. Verimliliği, hızı ve üretimi arttırmak amacıyla belirli sorunların kök nedenlerini çözmeye odaklanır. CCC’nin turbo makineler için komple entegre kontrol sistemi dizaynı yaklaşımı, turbo makinelerinizden alacağınız performansın ve karlılığınızın önemli ölçüde artmasını garanti eder.

Compressor Control Corporation, küresel pazarlar için çok çeşitli mühendislik ürünleri ve çözümleri sağlayan Roper Industries Inc. firmasının yüzde yüz iştirakidir.


PRODIGY® Controller
Beyond SmartProdigy Right turn

A once-in-a-generation control technology, the PRODIGY platform is the next evolution of CCC control solutions. Coupled with the advanced controls application expertise and customer support offered by CCC, the PRODIGY turbomachinery control solution has been engineered to provide you with new technology, optimized performance, and the ease-of-use required by even the most demanding processes.

PRODIGY benefits include:

  • Ease of use with self learning for plug and play module replacement
  • Optimized performance with advanced control algorithms for minimizing process upset
  • Seamless migration by using proven control algorithms for risk mitigation
  • New Smart Design technology

İndirilebilir Ürün İçerikleri

Series 3++ Controller

The Series 3++ controller family is a perfect choice for new applications, retrofitting, or replacing obsolete automatic control systems, such as the Series II, Series 3, or Series 3+. Series 3++ combines the controls features of Series 3+ controller with technologically advanced electronic components and an updated operator interface.


Improvements include:

  • New technology, industrial-grade digital hardware throughout, 100 percent surface-mounted component
  • Integrated CPU and I/O board, with individually switch-selectable 20 mA or 5 Vdc inputs and outputs, plus on-board monitoring of power supply voltages, analog outputs, and internal temperature
  • Oversized, off-the-shelf power supplies
  • Updated front panel assembly with additional keys and a 4×10-character LCD status screen
  • Modbus RTU serial ports can be replaced by Modbus TCP Ethernet ports
  • Maximum ambient temperature now up to 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Analog input channel-to-channel isolation up to 500 volts, static protection up to 4,000 volts
  • Optional conformal coating of printed circuit boards
  • Compliance with regulations for hazardous conditions


Ideal for Series 3+ and Series 3 Upgrades

  • Designed as a direct upgrade — no wiring to change and no new panels
  • Load-sharing features to interact seamlessly with Series 3+ legacy systems for a smooth transition upon upgrading


Designed for Reliability

  • All analog outputs have integral read-back loops to identify hardware or field wiring problems.
  • A built-in sensor alerts plant personnel if the temperature inside the case exceeds acceptable limits.
  • Performance of the power supplies and all DC/DC voltage converters are internally monitored.


Available Configurations

  • Sleeve-mount controller
  • Plate-mount controller
  • Series 3+ upgrade
  • Series 3 upgrade
  • Ethernet option

İndirilebilir Ürün İçerikleri

Series 5 Migration

  • Quick and painless, low risk, full replacement of the existing Series 4 Control systems
  • Replaces ONLY the electronic control modules.  The existing chassis, field wiring, and field termination assemblies remain unchanged.
  • Series 5M allows CCC to update the control system technology in 1 – 3 days, thus reducing process downtime and maximizes profits.
  • Series 5M controllers can communicate with Series 4 controller, allowing our clients to choose to upgrade a multi-chassis system in stages over the course of months or years
  • MODBUS serial compatibility is maintained so that the original DCS programming can be used. A new PC with the latest TrainTools® HMI can be used with Series 5M because the Series 4 serial interface has been upgraded to OPC over Ethernet
  • The Series 5M controller system will be supported through 2025


A Full Replacement for Series 4 Controllers with Minimal Downtime
Series 4 controllers were first introduced in 1993 and have noted more than 15 years of successful operations. In 2000, CCC commissioned a new generation of multi-functional controllers — Series 5. As a result of this successful implementation, the commercial production of Series 4 controllers ended in 2007.

  • Full replacement of the existing Series 4 control systems is quick, easy, and low-risk.
  • Only the electronic control modules are replaced;   the existing chassis, field wiring, and field termination assemblies remain unchanged.
  • The control system can be updated in less than a week , thus reducing process downtime and maximizing profits.
  • Series 5M controllers can communicate with Series 4 controllers, allowing you to upgrade a multi-chassis system in stages over the course of months or years.
  • MODBUS compatibility is maintained so original distributive control system (DCS) programming can be used.
  • Because the Series 4 interface has been upgraded to OPC over the Ethernet, a new PC with the latest TrainTools® human-machine interface (HMI) can be used.
  • Series 5M controller systems will be supported through 2025.


Benefits of Migration from Series 4 to Series 5M

  • Minimizes downtime, maintains the same chassis and cabinet, saves wiring I/O signals
  • Eliminates the problem of obsolescence, increases user-defined functions
  • Improves reliability of the system
  • Improves operator interface for easy navigation, complies with the latest ASM guidelines
  • Improves maintenance and diagnostics for rapid fault detection
  • Transmits data through fast Ethernet network
  • Guarantees sequence of events with controller time stamping that allows pinpointing of the shutdown’s root cause
  • Allows for gradual upgrades between Series 4 and Series 5M, while old and new systems work compatibly in the same network

İndirilebilir Ürün İçerikleri

Series 5 Vanguard

  • Powerful high-speed processor to meet automation control needs of most complex turbomachinery trains
  • Self-diagnostic features and anti-surge controls
  • Fast execution speeds and execution rates to help detect I/O failures
  • High-resolution time stamping with an on-board clock to process variables, alarms, and events generated by the controller
  • Specialized local I/O designed to handle critical I/O points that require high processing speeds


Series 5 Vanguard® 
Series 5 Vanguard is a modular, open-architecture turbomachinery control system for advanced process control. Vanguard provides flexible solutions for your specific needs:

  • Up to 500 IO points
  • Up to 16 standard applications, including turbine and compressor control
  • Fast loop execution speed
  • Custom logic for auto-sequencing and axillary control

Series 5 Vanguard controllers use a fully deterministic multitasking operating system. Advanced control applications are implemented, including anti-surge controls and load-sharing, gas and steam turbines, extraction, etc. Windows-based TrainTools® package provides a comprehensive interface for plant operating, programming, and project engineering.

Vanguard benefits include:

  • Powerful high-speed processor to meet the automation control speed of most complex turbomachinery trains
  • Self-diagnostic features
  • Plug-and-play module replacement for ease maintenance
  • High- resolution time stamping with an on-board clock to process variables, alarms, and events generated by the controller
  • Simplex or duplex redundancy

İndirilebilir Ürün İçerikleri

Guardian® Controller

  • Multi-level password protection for added security
  • Redundant power supply modules
  • Alarm and time-stamped history log
  • Manual over-speed, test, and verification
  • Cold-coil monitoring for energized-to-trip logic


The CCC Guardian over-speed protection system (OSP) provides reliable, cost-effective, and flexible protection for your turbomachinery control solution. Guardian OSP enables you to run the compressor units in your plant at peak capacity, offering end-users a turbomachinery control solution that’s dependable, flexible, and easy to install and configure.

  • Multi-level password protection for added security
  • Redundant power supply modules
  • Self-diagnostics
  • Two DPDT trip relays
  • Alarm and time-stamped history log
  • RPM deviation alarm
  • Passive and active pickups
  • Over-speed test and verification
  • Hot-swap modules
  • Wide temperature range

İndirilebilir Ürün İçerikleri

Vantage® Governor

  • Series of governor systems that offer extensive benefits, capabilities, and features not available from other mechanical or electronic governors.
  • Vantage GD — Steam-turbine governor control system specifically designed for condensing
  • Vantage GP — Digital general-purpose turbine governor control built for optimum control

Vantage is a series of governor systems that offer extensive benefits, capabilities, and features not available from other mechanical or electronic governors.


Vantage GP 

A digital general-purpose turbine governor control built for optimum control, the Vantage GP offers the speed-control features you expect from a turbine governor control system.

  • General-purpose turbine governor control
  • Process control options, such as remote process control, manual control, and cascade control
  • Easy, cost-effective turbine speed control
  • Automated start-up sequencing
  • Remote operator interface using hardwired inputs or MODBUS RTU protocol
  • Simplified operations due to integrated manual control capabilities
  • No need for purchasing a separate controller for the outer cascade loop


Vantage GD 

A steam-turbine governor control system specifically designed for condensing, the Vantage GD is also used for back-pressure steam turbines that drive synchronous generators.

  • Steam-turbine governor control system
  • Comprehensive collection of control algorithms
  • Outstanding speed control
  • Stable and precise load control
  • Built-in cascade control loop that allows you to regulate other process variables
  • Local operator interface
  • Remote operator interface using hardwired inputs or MODBUS remote test unit (RTU) protocol
  • Simple test and maintenance procedures

TrainTools® Software

TrainTools Software

  • Control systems engineering database with all system specifications, configuration of operator interface, and data archival system
  • Dynamic compressor and turbine map displays with efficiency calculations
  • Alarm and event management, as well as reporting with controller time stamp
  • Archival data management to gather, store, and display information
  • Client-server architecture for distribution across a network


Integrated engineering, configuration, and operation

TrainTools software features a high degree of integration between project engineering, system configuration, and human-machine interface (HMI). One of the main ideas behind TrainTools is to enable engineers to simultaneously design, produce document, and configure a control system without detailed programming knowledge.


The TrainTools package includes the following programs:

  • Project builder — comprehensive tool for building an engineering project
  • Application editor — full-service graphical editor for creating control applications in IEC-61131
  • Configurator — means of changing controller configuration parameters on-line.
  • Fast recorder — high speed data recording during a surge test or proportional integral derivative (PID) tuning
  • TrainView® — operator HMI
  • OPC servers — standard interface to CCC controllers

TrainView® Software

TrainView Software

  • Gas turbine and compressor maps that depict operation relative to multivariable design limits
  • Interactive process control system drawings with current OPC data readouts
  • Automatic and on-demand generation of periodic and event triggered reports
  • User security system with multilevel program and process access
  • Downloadable web client option for remote workstations, with server-side security

TrainView software provides a set of graphical tools, screens, and library components for plant operator workstations. TrainView human-machine interface (HMI) screens are made according to recommendations from Abnormal Situation Management (ASM) Consortium. The TrainView HMI was developed to allow plant personnel to control and prevent abnormal situations.

TrainView offers local and remote operator interfaces that support multiple languages.


TrainView HMI includes the following basic screens:

  • CSD (process overview)
  • Alarms and events
  • Historical data trends
  • Operator faceplates
  • IO diagnostics
  • Compressor map (for compressor applications)
  • Startup sequence (for turbine applications)
  • Auxiliary  equipment (oil system, cooling system, etc.)
  • EGT monitoring (gas turbine applications)
  • Vibration data (from external vibration system)

Nasıl Çalışır?

Mevcut buhar türbinlerinin mekanik regülatörlerden dijital regülatörlere yükseltilmesi, buhar türbininin yeni bir buhar vanası aktüatörü ile güçlendirilmesini ve türbin mili hızını ölçmek için hız sensörleri eklemeyi gerektirir. Elektronik hız kontrolü, daha kolay proses kontrolü sağlayan türbin hız kontrolünün hassasiyetini arttırır.

Elektronik aşırı hız koruma sistemi, kritik hıza geldiğinde türbini güvenilir şekilde durdurarak türbin güvenliğini arttırır. İhtiyaçlarınızı karşılamak için pnömatik, elektronik, hidrolik ve elektro-hidrolik çeşitli vana aktüatör seçenekleri mevcuttur.

Neden CCC?

Teklif aşamasından kurulum aşamasına kadar, son kullanıcının ihtiyaçlarına ve tercihlerine göre uyarlanmış mekanik bir yenileme sağlamak için gereken tüm iş aşamalarını sunuyoruz. CCC, saha araştırması, ayrıntılı tasarım, parça üretimi ve gerektiğinde kurulum denetimi dahil olmak üzere mekanik yenileme hizmetleri sunmaktadır.

Hangi orijinal ekipman üreticisi olmasından bağımsız olarak, CCC, güvenilir ve sahada kanıtlanmış çalıştırma çözümlerinin geniş bir kütüphanesini geliştirmiştir. Mekanik yenileme tasarımları, 150’den fazla hız ölçüm uygulaması için, 270’den fazla vana aktüatör uygulamasında yapılmıştır ve hatta giriş kılavuz kanatları
aktüatör uygulamalarını içerir.

Mekanik Modernizasyon İçin İdeal Ek Uygulamalar

  • Gaz türbini kılavuz kanat kontrolü
  • Kompresör antisurge vanaları
  • Gaz türbini nozül kontrolü
  • Kompresör girişi kılavuz kanatları